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The Jarvis Model JC IIIA -pneumatic powered dehider.

•The number one skinning tool worldwide for cattle, veal, hogs  and sheep.
•Highest possible hide quality - skins perfectly; no cuts, marks  or holes.
•High capacity, high performance tool, designed for long life and  low maintenance.
•Super efficient motor design - only 12 ft³ / min at 45 psi (0.34  m³ / min at 3.1 bar).
•Extra-thin head with stainless steel center plate for exceptional  handling and enduring strength.
•Lightweight - only 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg).

Motor Power
0.55 hp
410 W
Operating Pressures
45 psi
3.1 bar
90 psi
6.2 bar
Air Consumption
12 ft³ / min
0.34 m³/min
Blade Speed (in oscillations)  
Control Handle
Single Trigger
Blade Diameters
3.9 in
100 mm
4.3 in
110 mm
Overall Length
13 in
330 mm
2.9 lbs
1.3 kg
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