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The Jarvis Model 423-17 - pneumatic powered brisket scissor for sheep.

•The 423-17 cuts sheep briskets cleanly and effortlessly -  suitable for all size kills.
•Light weight and short frame make the 423-17 easy to use and  comfortable to operate.
•Dual controls for operator safety.
•Constructed from corrosion resistant materials for optimum  hygiene.
•Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and  safety.

Model 423-17
Operating Pressure
90 psi
6.1 bar
Air Consumption (per cycle)
0.31 ft³ / min
8.8 L
Cutting Force
1150 lbf
5.1 kN
12 carcasses / minute
Cutting Cycle Time
1.5 second / cycle
Control Handle
Dual Pneumatic Control
Blade Opening    
At Tips
5.0 in
127 mm
Overall Length
21.5 in
546 mm
Overall Height
20 in
508 mm
Depth of Cut
12.5 in
317 mm
35 lbs
15.9 kg
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