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The Jarvis Model PFI-1 - pneumatically powered picking finger installer.

•Eliminates rubber finger damage.
•More versatile than other finger installers - will install any shape finger up to 5.5 in (140 mm) long.
•More maneuverable - nearly 3 inches (76 mm) shorter than competitive models.
•Stainless steel and aluminum construction - long wear and no oxidation.
•More power - larger piston.
•No operator fatigue - light trigger pull.
•More durable - finger clamps operate on rollers to prevent wear. Clamps individually mounted for double pulling strength.
•Repairable trigger valve.
•No piston springs - air power both directions.
Model PFI-1
Operating Pressure
90 psi
6.1 bar
Air Consumption    
Per Cycle at 90 psi
0.091 ft³ / min
Per Cylce at 6.1 bar
2.58 L / min
Control Handle
Single Trigger
Opening Dimensions (expanded)    
Width x Height
1 x 1 in
25.4 x 25.4 mm
4.75 in
121 mm
Maximum Finger Length
5.5 in
140 mm
Overall Length
12.3 in
312 mm
Overall Width
4.0 in
102 mm
5.9 lbs
2.7 kg
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