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The Jarvis Model VC - pneumatically powered vent removal tool for all types of poultry and pork.

•Ideal tool for high precision and extremely economical poultry  vent removal, for any type or size of bird.
•Labor reduction - high speed and efficient vent and rosebud  gland removal allow a reduction in line personnel.
•Increased yield - cut size is controlled by the vent gun, not the  operator.
•Reduced contamination - fecal material is sucked away as the  Model VC removes vents.
•Low maintenance, high reliability - a weekly greasing is all  that’s required.
•Low cost - the Model VC is economically priced with hardened  surgical stainless blades for outstanding durability.
•Free, on-site service - an unparalleled benefit only from Jarvis.
•Meets national and international requirements for safety and  hygiene.

Model VC
Operating Pressure
30 - 60 psi
2.0 - 4.1 bar
Air Consumption
5.6 -14 ft³ / min
0.16 - 0.39 m³ / min
Vacuum Requirements (min)
15 in Hg
50.8 kpa
Free Air Flow (for vacuum)
6 - 7 ft³ / min
0.16 - 0.19 m³ / min
Limited by operator skill (avg.3000/hr)
Control Handle
Single Trigger
Blade Diameter (range)
0.75 - 1.75 in
19 - 44 mm
Blade Length (range)
0.88 - 3.50 in
22 - 89 mm
Overall Length
11 in
279 mm
3.2 lbs
1.45 kg
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