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Pork Product Line

•Hock Cutting
HTC-80 & HTC 110 Toe & Hock Cutter
500HC Hock Cutter
•Toe Web Removal
TWC-1 Toe Web Cutter
•Bung Cutting
HBD-1 Hog Bung Dropper
SBD Sow Bung Dropper*
Model VC
•Head Dropping
3-HD Head Dropper
JR-50 Robotic Head Dropper
•Brisket Opening
MCS-300 Pneumatic Brisket Saw*
HBS-3 Hydraulic Brisket Saw
•Aitch Bone Opening
ABC-1 Hydraulic Aitch Bone Cutter
HBS2E Hog Brisket Saw
•Leaf Lard Removal
LLP-1 Leaf Lard Puller
•Carcass Splitting
SEC-400 Circular Splitting Saw
Buster VI Splitting Bandsaw
JCK-1 Automatic Hog Splitter
Buster X Carcass Splitting Bandsaw
•Spinal Cord Removal
SR-1 Spinal Cord Remover
SPC-165 Spinal Cord Remover

•Pneumatic Saws
SPC 140/165 Circular Saw
MCS 180/280/300 Circular Saw
1000F Circular Breaking Saw
Model SPC 142
•Electric Saws
SEC 180-2 Circular Saw
SEC 180-3 Circular Saw
SEC 230-4 Circular Saw
SEC 280-4 Circular Saw
SER 200/400 Reciprocating Saw
SER-03 Reciprocating Breaking Saw
•Hydraulic Saws
SHC 140/165/180 Circular Saw
•Jowl Cutter
700-GJ Circular Jowl Slicer
•Chitterling Cutter
HCC-1 Chitterling Tool

Air Balancers
Spring Balancers
Model GHB-1
Bung and Head Cleaning Tools
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he Jarvis Model SPC 142- pneumatically powered air saw.

•The SPC 142 is ideally suited for opening up mis-split spinal cord cavities in pork.
•Lightweight and flexible allows operators to work single handed, both hanging and on the table.
•More power high efficiency air motor for more horsepower and lower operating cost.
•Heavy Duty gears made to withstand all uses in the packing plant industry.
•Rear end exhaust.
•Constructed from corrosion resistant materials for optimum hygiene.
•Fast blade stop.
•Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety.

Model SPC 142
Drive   Pneumatic
Motor Power 0.85 hp 630 W
Operating Pressure 90 psi 6.2 bar
Air Consumption 27.3 ft³ / min 0.77 m³ / min
Cut Speed   1775 rpm
Control Handle Single Trigger Pneumatic
Blade Diameter 4.0 in 102 mm
Cutting Depth (maximum) 1.4 in 36 mm
Overall Length 16.5 in 419 mm
Weight 5.85 lbs 2.65 kg
Vibration 122 db 1.26 m / sec²
Noise (one meter from tool)   88 dB