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Pork Product Line

•Hock Cutting
HTC-80 & HTC 110 Toe & Hock Cutter
500HC Hock Cutter
•Toe Web Removal
TWC-1 Toe Web Cutter
•Bung Cutting
HBD-1 Hog Bung Dropper
SBD Sow Bung Dropper*
Model VC
•Head Dropping
3-HD Head Dropper
JR-50 Robotic Head Dropper
•Brisket Opening
MCS-300 Pneumatic Brisket Saw*
HBS-3 Hydraulic Brisket Saw
•Aitch Bone Opening
ABC-1 Hydraulic Aitch Bone Cutter
HBS2E Hog Brisket Saw
•Leaf Lard Removal
LLP-1 Leaf Lard Puller
•Carcass Splitting
SEC-400 Circular Splitting Saw
Buster VI Splitting Bandsaw
JCK-1 Automatic Hog Splitter
Buster X Carcass Splitting Bandsaw
•Spinal Cord Removal
SR-1 Spinal Cord Remover
SPC-165 Spinal Cord Remover

•Pneumatic Saws
SPC 140/165 Circular Saw
MCS 180/280/300 Circular Saw
1000F Circular Breaking Saw
Model SPC 142
•Electric Saws
SEC 180-2 Circular Saw
SEC 180-3 Circular Saw
SEC 230-4 Circular Saw
SEC 280-4 Circular Saw
SER 200/400 Reciprocating Saw
SER-03 Reciprocating Breaking Saw
•Hydraulic Saws
SHC 140/165/180 Circular Saw
•Jowl Cutter
700-GJ Circular Jowl Slicer
•Chitterling Cutter
HCC-1 Chitterling Tool

Air Balancers
Spring Balancers
Model GHB-1
Bung and Head Cleaning Tools

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The Jarvis Model HTC-80 and HTC-110 - hydraulically powered toe cutters for hogs, sows, calves and sheep.

• Robust, powerful tool for removing hog and sow toes or feet as well as cutting hocks on calves and sheep.
• Blade opening (HTC-80) 3.15 inch (80 mm), (HTC-110) 4.42 inch (112 mm).
• Fast cutting, only 0.7 seconds per cut.
• Clean cutting - no splinters, no bone dust.
•Special hanger – the HTC-80/HTC-110- can be used vertically or horizontally. Excellent in both positions; makes work easier.
• Blade guard is mountable on both sides for left or right handed operators.
• The HTC-80/HTC-110 is virtually maintenance free, for long trouble – free life.
• Lightweight – only 10.6 lbs / 4.8 kg (HTC-80), 11.5 lbs / 5.2 kg (HTC-110).
• Meets national and international requirements for safety and hygiene.

Model HTC-80 / HTC-110
Control Handle
Single Trigger
Single or Dual Trigger
Blade Opening
3.15 in
4.42 in
112 mm
Cutting Force
2450 lb-f
10.9 kN
Cycle Time @ 2.6 gpm / 9.84 Lpm
0.7 sec
Maximum Operating Pressure
2400 psi
165 bar
Overall Length:
16 in
406 mm
19 in
483 mm
10.6 lbs
4.8 kg
11.5 lbs
5.2 kg
Hydraulic Power Unit
Motor Power
5 hp
3729 W
Operating Voltage
230 / 460 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz

Other voltages and 50 Hz available

Oil Capacity
10 gal
37.9 L
Hose Length
16 ft
5 m
Overall Dimensions (l x w x h)

27 x 18 x 33.5 in

686 x 457 x 851 mm

225 lbs
102 kg
Oil Viscosity at 100ºF / 40ºC
200 SUS
46 ISO
Oil Flow Rate
5.5 gal/min
20.8 L / min