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USSS-1 Penetrating Stunner
USSS-2 & USSS-2A Non-Penetrating Stunner
•Stunner Testing
AST 101 Pneumatic Stunner Tester
AST 102 / AST 103 Stunner Tester
•Weasand Sealing
Weasand Clip
•Horn Removal
50-G Dehorner
Model EBS-1H Horn Removal Saw
•Horn & Front Hock Cutting
30CL Hock Cutter/Dehorner
50D Dehorner/Hock Cutter
JR-50 Robotic Hock Cutter
Model 60CL-1 Hock Cutter
Model 500HC Hock Cutter
Model 80G
•Hock Cleaning
HS-1, HS-2 Hock Cleaner
JC-IIIA Air Dehider
BR-5A Blade Sharpener
•Hind Hock Cutting
30CL Hock Cutter
•Carcass Cleaning
CV-1 Carcass Cleaner
•Brisket Opening
MG-1E Electric Brisket Saw
MG-1B Hydraulic Brisket Saw
Model EBS-1 Brisket Saw
•Tongue Removal
TBC-1 Tongue Bone Cutter
525-TBC Tongue Bone Cutter
•Bung Sealing
BRE-1 and BRE-2 Expanders
•Carcass Splitting
Buster IV
Buster V
Buster IX
Model ERS-1 Splitting Saw
Buster VI & VI-ST Splitting Bandsaw
•Spinal Cord Removal
SHC-165G Spinal Cord Remover
SPC-165G Spinal Cord Remover
SR-1 Spinal Cord Remover
•Brain Removal
BS-1 Brain Sucker

•Quartering / Loin Dropping
Buster V Loin Dropper
50-CL Forequarter Cutter
•Pneumatic Saws
SPC 140/165 Circular Saw
MCS 180/280/300/310 Circular Saw
1000F Circular Breaking Saw
DRS-270 Ribbing Saw
SPC 141
•Hydraulic Saws
SHC 140/165/180 Circular Saw
1000-FS Circular Saw
•Electric Saws
SEC 180-2 Circular Saw
SEC 180-3 Circular Saw
SEC 230-4 Circular Saw
SEC 280-4 Circular Saw
SER 200/400 Reciprocating Saw
SER-03 Reciprocating Breaking Saw
ECS-1 Circular Breaking Saw

Air Balancers
Spring Balancers
BHR-1 Hydraulic Beef Hock Restrainer
SBR-1 Beef Brisket Saw Blade Reconditioner
161 BG Hock Cutter Blade Grinder
MSPR-1 Quick Pressure Selector
Bung Cavity Cleaning Tool
ES-4 Low Voltage Stimulator
Edible Fat Removal Tool






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The Jarvis Model JR-50 -- robotic hock cutter.

•Six-axis Robotic Hock Cutter - capable of line speeds up to 450 carcasses per hour.
•Real-time vision for precise and consistent cuts.
•User adjustable length and angle of cuts allows higher yields.
•Remote diagnostics capability.
•Stainless steel base and a completely jacketed arm makes the JR-50 easy to clean and maintain.
•Stainless steel protective fencing.
•Small footprint to conserve space on the slaughter line.
•Industrial hardened, real-time controller with 3D vision.

Model JR-50
Operating Air Pressure
30 psi
2.0 bar
Dip Tank
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)
4.6x4.3x5.8 ft
1.40x1.32x1.78 m
Cage Area
7 x 12 ft
2 x 3.65 m
1812 lbs
822 kg
Electrical Power Requirements
          Operating Voltage
208 - 550 VAC, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Model 30CL-1R Cutting Tool
Cutting Force
9900 lbf
Cutting Cycle Time
1.5 sec
Blade Opening
          At Tips (Standard)
4.0 in
102 mm
5.75 in
146 mm
Overall Length
32 in
813 mm
Tool Weight
38 lbs
17.2 kg
Hydraulic Power Unit:
Motor Power
5 hp
3728 W
Operating Voltage
460 / 230 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
other voltages and 50 Hz available
Oil Capacity
20 gal
76 L
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)
28x22.5x28 in
71x57x71 cm
Weight (without oil)
200 lbs
91 kg