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USSS-1 Penetrating Stunner
USSS-2 & USSS-2A Non-Penetrating Stunner
•Stunner Testing
AST 101 Pneumatic Stunner Tester
AST 102 / AST 103 Stunner Tester
•Weasand Sealing
Weasand Clip
•Horn Removal
50-G Dehorner
Model EBS-1H Horn Removal Saw
•Horn & Front Hock Cutting
30CL Hock Cutter/Dehorner
50D Dehorner/Hock Cutter
JR-50 Robotic Hock Cutter
Model 60CL-1 Hock Cutter
Model 500HC Hock Cutter
Model 80G
•Hock Cleaning
HS-1, HS-2 Hock Cleaner
JC-IIIA Air Dehider
BR-5A Blade Sharpener
•Hind Hock Cutting
30CL Hock Cutter
•Carcass Cleaning
CV-1 Carcass Cleaner
•Brisket Opening
MG-1E Electric Brisket Saw
MG-1B Hydraulic Brisket Saw
Model EBS-1 Brisket Saw
•Tongue Removal
TBC-1 Tongue Bone Cutter
525-TBC Tongue Bone Cutter
•Bung Sealing
BRE-1 and BRE-2 Expanders
•Carcass Splitting
Buster IV
Buster V
Buster IX
Model ERS-1 Splitting Saw
Buster VI & VI-ST Splitting Bandsaw
•Spinal Cord Removal
SHC-165G Spinal Cord Remover
SPC-165G Spinal Cord Remover
SR-1 Spinal Cord Remover
•Brain Removal
BS-1 Brain Sucker

•Quartering / Loin Dropping
Buster V Loin Dropper
50-CL Forequarter Cutter
•Pneumatic Saws
SPC 140/165 Circular Saw
MCS 180/280/300/310 Circular Saw
1000F Circular Breaking Saw
DRS-270 Ribbing Saw
SPC 141
•Hydraulic Saws
SHC 140/165/180 Circular Saw
1000-FS Circular Saw
•Electric Saws
SEC 180-2 Circular Saw
SEC 180-3 Circular Saw
SEC 230-4 Circular Saw
SEC 280-4 Circular Saw
SER 200/400 Reciprocating Saw
SER-03 Reciprocating Breaking Saw
ECS-1 Circular Breaking Saw

Air Balancers
Spring Balancers
BHR-1 Hydraulic Beef Hock Restrainer
SBR-1 Beef Brisket Saw Blade Reconditioner
161 BG Hock Cutter Blade Grinder
MSPR-1 Quick Pressure Selector
Bung Cavity Cleaning Tool
ES-4 Low Voltage Stimulator
Edible Fat Removal Tool







The Jarvis Models Buster VI and VI-ST -electrically powered bandsaw for high production splitting of hogs and sows.

•Used for production pork splitting (up to 400hogs / hour / saw).
•Internal sanitization system for primary contact areas - including guides, front and rear wheels and blade.
•Lightweight - less operator fatigue.
•Adjustable front wheel alignment for better blade life.
•Drive system is oil bath lubricated for sustained trouble-free operation.
•Anti-tie down controls and totally enclosed electric motor for operator safety.
•All voltages available.
•Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety.

Model Buster VI and VI-ST
Motor Power  
3.0 hp
2237 W
Operating Voltage / Hz
All Voltages and Frequencies Available
Sows     200 / hour
Hogs     400 / hour
Control Handles   Dual Anti-tie Down Electric

Distances between Guides

Buster VI   17.1 in 434 mm
Buster VI-ST   23.1 587 mm
Blade Length
Buster VI   112 in 2845 mm
Buster VI-ST   123.7 in 3142 mm
Overall Length
Buster VI   51 in 1295 mm
Buster VI-ST   57.2 in 1453 mm
Hot Water per 3 second sanitize cycle at 40 psi / 2.76 bar 0.1 gal 0.38 L
Height (of front housing)   12 in 305mm
Buster VI   124 lbs 56 kg
Buster VI-ST   138 lbs 63 kg
Vibration Less than (<) 128 dB <2.5 m / sec²
Noise     (<) 83 dB